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In Indonesia, IWHC supports the Jakarta-based Women's Health Foundation (Yayasan Kesehatan Perempuan, or YKP), which has worked with the government, health workers, and the public to promote women's health and rights since 2001.

Sexuality Education class
Young people attending YKP's sexuality education program in Kampar district.
YKP has been working passionately to build support for a national health law which ensures women and girls’ access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including access to safe abortion. On September 14, 2009, a new Indonesian Health Law was passed. While this law is far from perfect, it has expanded the legal recognition for reproductive health services. Previously, abortion was largely illegal and this law states that abortion can now be provided in some circumstances, including cases of rape or when the life of the woman or her fetus is threatened.

IWHC is working closely with YKP to devise their next steps. For a national-level reproductive health law to be effective, it will need to be implemented successfully at the district level, where budgeting for health is done. At the same time, YKP has been working in three districts to ensure that reproductive health services receive priority attention.

Key efforts include:

  • Midwives
    Midwives in YKP's training program, also in Kampar district.
    teaching midwives and trained birth attendants, or dukunds, to provide emergency obstetric care
  • educating local government leaders, legislators, and legal experts
  • setting numerical targets for a reduction in the maternal mortality rate and the attendance of midwives at a minimum of 90 percent of births.
YKP’s work within the community, and with national- level policy makers, makes them well- situated to develop plans for national implementation. YKP's work continues to make important progress towards building a strong, diverse base of support for women's health and rights in Indonesia.

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