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In Pakistan, IWHC supports Aahung, a Karachi-based non-governmental organization that has been working to improve the sexual health of men, women, and adolescents since 1995. The Aahung team works to enhance the scope and improve the quality of sexual and reproductive health services, while advocating for an enabling environment where every individual’s sexual rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.



“I recently got married, but as a common Pakistani person, my wife and I did not get enough information about marital life and sex before marriage. After our marriage, we felt embarrassed when we realized we did not know anything about performing the sexual act. Today a colleague at my office gave me your organizations Pre-Marital pamphlets. I’m so surprised and happy to see your work here in Pakistan and would like to congratulate you on your efforts.”             - Anonymous recipient of premarital informational pamphlets

“The number of children that a couple has is not only the man’s choice, it should be a decision that is made by the man and the woman.  It is also a woman’s right to choose how many children she will have.”       -Adolescent girl, (secondary beneficiary)

“In my community, infertility is a huge problem and many men marry multiple times thinking there must be something wrong with their wife if they can’t have children.  Even my brother and his wife could not have children and everyone in the family was pressurizing him to re-marry. I found out from Aahung’s training that maybe something could be wrong with my brother and I told him to get checked up. He went and it turned out that my brother was the one who needed the treatment.”         -Participant from a training workshop in Johi Dadu

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Prioritizing Sexual Health and Rights

  • Life Skills Education for youth: Addresses issues of gender inequalities, discrimination etc. Provides age appropriate and quality sexual rights and reproductive health info to youth. Develops decision-making, negotiation and communication skills amongst youth so that they can be empowered to make safer decisions.
  • Premarital pamphlets: This set of six pamphlets provides couples entering a sexual relationship with accurate information including anatomy, physiology, human sexual response cycle, and contraception.  This also gives information about Nikkah Nama (marriage certificates) and highlights the rights of a woman with a marriage.
  • Street theater campaign in 10 districts of Sindh, which touched upon issues such as violence against women, underage and forced marriage. 

HIV Youth Education

  • This project focuses on creating an enabling environment where young people can exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.
  • We aim to achieve this by (1) providing adolescent sexual reproductive health education for boys and girls in Mithi and Haripur; (2) sensitization of decision makers such as parents, health workers and community leaders on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights issues; (3) working with health care providers to provide non-judgmental and youth friendly health services

Quantitative data for the past one year (September 2008 – August 2009):

  • 17 female journalists sensitized on HIV/AIDS reporting in the media.
  • 237 community workers/ service providers trained on sexual health issues.  As a result over 470,000 individuals have improved access to sexual health information or services.
  • 263 female medical university faculty trained
  • 163 female medical students trained on SRHR.
  • 585 female teachers sensitized on Child Sexual Abuse
  • 74 female teachers trained on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health education.
  • Over 24,000 informational pamphlets on various SRHR issues disseminated amongst adult men and women through hospitals and clinics in Karachi

Visit Aahung's website>>    

Read IWHC's interview with Aahung Program Manager Fatima Haider, a Young Visionary>>


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