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This report was commissioned by the Better World Campaign, a sister organization of the United Nations Foundation, as part of a series of papers developed to inform the 2008 presidential campaign and the incoming administration. The papers offer strategies for enhancing international cooperation to address global challenges and U.S. interests. This paper focuses on the prioritization of women's and young people's health. 

President-elect Obama has the unique opportunity, and the profound responsibility, to reverse harmful international health policies imposed by the U.S. government in the last eight years and to reestablish our credibility and global leadership on human rights for all by:

>> Promoting the human rights of women at the United Nations and protecting these rights in collaboration with other governments.  

>> Prioritizing U.S. investment in reproductive health services, including care during pregnancy and childbirth, access to contraceptives and safe abortion, and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. 

>> Ensuring access to comprehensive sexuality education that teaches young people how to establish equality in relationships, respect the right to consent in both sex and marriage, and end violence and sexual coercion.

The next Administration has the opportunity and the power to change the future for millions of girls and women, boys and men.  It will take courage and vision to act boldly. The reward—in lives saved and in our restored reputation as a global leader for social justice—will be incalculable.

Download the full report in PDF 

Watch a video message from IWHC's Adrienne Germain below. 

Scroll Down to hear Adrienne Germain speak about what the next U.S. Administration should do On Day One to signal the U.S.'s commitment to addressing women's issues 


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